Je fais Mtl: Member of ADN Committee and Index

On the 1st anniversary of the citizen movement Je fais Mtl, November 17 2015, Frédéric Bouchard was named member of the newly formed ADN Committee (Advice, Developers and inNovators) with 19 other leading figures of Montreal, presided by Denis Coderre, mayor of Montreal. Frédéric Bouchard is also part of expert committee in charge of devising the Je fais Mtl Index.

As a member of the ADN Committee, Frédéric Bouchard will participate in the monitoring of 181 projects that are designed to stimulate the economic and social dynamism of Montreal and increase the international influence of the city. To that end, the ADN Committee will partly rely on the Je fais Mtl Index developed by the expert committee.

This new measuring tool, the design of which was made possible by funding provided by the city of Montreal and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), will enable Je fais Mtl leaders as well as Montreal decision-makers to get a better understanding of stakeholders’ cooperative networks, the extent to which projects are actually innovative and creative, and finally their economic impact on the city, the province or the international market. The first report of Je fais Mtl Index will be made public in one year, on the 2nd anniversary of Je fais Montréal.


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