The state of research and innovation in Québec: conference at QuébecInnove

For the first meeting of QuébecInnove (Sept 21 2015), Frédéric Bouchard, director of CIRST, gave the keynote conference on the state of Research and Innovation in Québec (FR)

  • PDF of the powerpoint (in FR): BouchardQuébecInnove.pdf
  • The presention was based on the expertise of many CIRST members. The edited volume “Sciences, technologies et sociétés: de A à Z” comprises many articles on the subjects of research and innovation. Free digital version available.
  • Most of the data and figures were generated by Observatoire des Sciences et des technologies (OST), a CIRST research unit specialized in science metrics.
  • A large section of the presentation was concerned with presenting the system (and actors) of research in Québec. A longer version of this aspect of the presentation was given at the Journées de la relève de l’ACFAS (Fall 2014). Video (FR)

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