Interview CBC Radio Ideas : The Philosopher’s Walk

On September, 23th 2016 (rebroadcast Feb 7 2017), CBC Radio’s Ideas (Paul Kennedy, dir.) broadcast an interview with Frédéric Bouchard (and David Gutnick). In “Philosopher’s Walk with Frédéric Bouchard”, (recorded at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal (Québec)), Frédéric Bouchard discusses his research in philosophy of biology and ecology. Questions addressed during the interview focused on the nature of the human species and why the latter is not superior to other species; biological individuality; etc.


How nature is constructed helps us to understand […] how human beings are constructed and how they fit into nature

If we are animals, then why should we think we are so much better or different or special relatively to other species?

I’m inspired by the natural world to tell me things about human beings because human beings are part of the natural world

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